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A recent YouGov poll disclosed that 58% of separated parents they surveyed do not believe in the idea of a ‘good separation’. 52% said that their separation had had a negative impact on their children.

In family mediation, where the separating couple have children, the needs of the children are at the centre of the process. How you deal with your separation has an important effect on your children. So, if you want good outcomes for your children, do your best to have a good separation.

Do not be afraid to ask for help and look for information. Relate have launched a service, Being Parents Apart where you can find lots of information and signposting to places that can help.

Another good source for information and signposting is the government’s site called Help On Breaking Up. This gives information to help you support your children and deals with most other areas where help is needed including housing, welfare and legal issues.

Communication is central . Family Mediation helps separating couples improve their communication leading to better outcomes for all concerned.

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