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Welcome to my blog.

What I want to achieve is to give my readers information to help them in making the transition from being one part of a relationship to adjusting to life apart and to do it as successfully as can be done for yourself as well as for any children you might have.

So I will be giving links to articles and websites that I think might be of help. I will not be giving advice. I’m aiming to give solutions to readers problems and also to be of general interest to anyone involved in the area I’m writing about.

What is very helpful for someone separating is to learn what has helped or hindered other people. I’d therefore like to build an atmosphere of involvement and community so please use the Contact Me page to let me know your comments, suggestions and stories . I can then add them to my blog but I will not add postings making personal or offensive comments.

So please let me know what you would find helpful. Have a look around the website for more information about Evolve Mediation.

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