It really is better for your children if you work together with an accredited family mediator to reach your own agreements for child arrangements.

Listening to your children

It can be difficult for parents to reach certain arrangements concerning the children, especially where there is a conflict of interests. Separating parents can have differing views over child care, child support, finances and access; however it is important that the welfare of your children should always come first.

Sometimes it can help if an independent and impartial expert consults directly with the children involved. This can help the parents to make better decisions, particularly if the children have asked the mediator to feedback their views to the parents.

Michael is fully trained in Direct Consultation with Children and is fully CRB checked. Children will benefit enormously from having their views properly recognised by a neutral figure.

When can you use a family mediator?

You can use this service at any time, even after court proceedings have started. Your legal rights will not be affected. Family mediation is voluntary. You can stop whenever you like, even after the first meeting. There is no obligation for you to persevere with the mediation process if it is not working for you.

Get help to resolve your child arrangements issues in a pro-active way. For family mediation services in Hampshire and Dorset contact Michael today to book your initial assessment meeting.