Mediation Costs

  • You can attend the first meeting alone or together.
  • At this meeting you will discover more facts about what family mediation is and is not.
  • You will be able to ask any questions you like.
  • This meeting will help you to decide if you will find family mediation a useful process.
  • There is no commitment to enter into family mediation.
  • Remember that family mediation is a voluntary process therefore there is never any commitment to carry on.

I am qualified to provide Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMS) and  accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMCA (URN) 0818A) to sign court forms ( previously form FM1). . These have been required since 22nd April 2014 before being allowed to start most Family Court proceedings for matters relating to finances or children.

The MIAMS meetings can be attended individually or jointly for which the charges are as follows:

  • The fee for a single MIAMS meeting is £100 and for a joint meeting £150. This includes, where requested, signing of form “FM1″.
  • I am able to assess for availability of public funding / legal aid and am accredited by the Legal Aid Agency but I do not provide a legal aid service.
  • If you both decide that you want to mediate to find solutions to your problems the fee is £100 per hour per person.
  • There is a minimum fee of £100 per person per family mediation session.
  • Fees are usually payable at the end of each mediation session.