Divorce is a stressful, emotional and confusing time for all parties involved. With divorce change is inevitable, and an independent divorce mediator can help separating or divorcing couples to communicate better and work together, rather than against each other.

You are naturally going to be worried about how your divorce will affect you and those around you. Michael can help you to explore and assess all options and the consequences involved.

Some common areas where divorce mediation can help:

  • Where the children will live
  • How often they will see each parent
  • Grandparents access to the children
  • Step-parents access to the children
  • Agreeing upon financial support
  • Division of property and assets

Many families turn to us for divorce mediation services because it puts you in charge of the outcome. Michael is flexible to your individual needs and will help you create tailor-made solutions for your family, so you can all benefit in the future.

Be on first name terms with your divorce mediator

Going to court can be intimidating, not to mention costly and stressful. Mediation is a much more personal and private alternative to going through a series of lengthy and bitter court proceedings.

Michael Laycock trained as a divorce solicitor and is an accredited family mediator helping couples in Hampshire and Dorset. You can talk confidentially to Michael about sensitive issues relating to your divorce, and you will always deal directly with him from start to finish.

The divorce mediation process will help you avoid the stress of going to court and save money on your legal fees. Call Michael now to book your first mediation meeting.